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  1. Outsource SERVQUAL - online SERVQUAL test for Outsourcing Vendors and Clients

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    Assessing Outsource Service Quality

    When determining whether service delivery is meeting service expectations, it is useful to seek the views of the actual service users. One tool that we are making available on this site to assess outsource service quality is the OUTSOURCE SERVQUAL (or OUTSERVQUAL). This is a new approach available exclusively from this site as a service to the community.

    OUTSERVQUAL (Service Quality) is a self-administered questionnaire designed to
  2. A day in the life of a stressed out House-Person

    A day in the life of a stressed out House-Person

    I was there doing the washing up - yes I know this is unheard off - when that black and white idiot of a dog of ours starts the hound of the Baskervilles impression and begins to bark the bloody place down. I don't know what it is with Border Collies but they spend most of their day looking at the entrance to the drive waiting for someone to turn up then proceed to bark their flipping heads off - she's turned postie into a nervous wreak ...
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  3. A debate between Chomsky and Foucault

    Debate between Chomsky and Foucault - in English and French with Dutch Subtitles

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  4. Are we in control of our own decisions?

  5. How to do a RACI Analysis

    Here is a slideshow on RACI analysis I posted on slideshare - there is also an article on this forum on how to do this:

    Go here:

    cheers Roy - any comments appreciated

    Tool Kit Raci SlideshareView more presentations from Roy Morgan.
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