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  1. Why do people let their barriers down online?

    Why do people let their barriers down online?

    Research suggests that many people are disclosing extremely personal information online, that they would not tell others normally – why?
    A number of factors lead to this type of behaviour:

    Firstly, online communications are more ‘sp####’ than face to face (e.g. no body language) and so people try to add in more information to build relationships. One of the elements of relationship building normally is shared disclosure ...
  2. Are we over-stressed?

    Chatting to some chamber members yesterday and it was suggested that technology is the main reason we are all so stressed out. Job losses, insecurity and so on were also laid at the door of new technology (is that good English?). So has it made our lives easier or turned our world into a nightmare?

    Well, I agree people's expectations are much greater now - they know we have instant access to emails anywhere (almost) in the world, and that most of us have mobile phones on 24/7 (except ...
  3. Do college students value self-esteem more that bodiliy pleasure?

    'Because you're worth it!' L'Oreal's catchphrase taps into the narcissistic zeitgeist. But it also begs the question: Are we at risk of becoming obsessed with feeling good about ourselves? According to new research by Brad Bushman and his co-workers, not only do US college students have higher self-esteem than previous generations, they now value self-esteem boosts more than ...
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