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Stewardship of the earth or ownership?

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We were talking the other day at church about the importance of stewardship of the earth. The question was raised about why we need to continually 'sell' people on the benefits to them of saving the planet. How switching things off will in the long run be 'good for them as individuals'. The discussion was around the inherent selfishness in all this - what happened to good old stewardship - the idea that we should look after our world because it is the right thing to do?
It made me think about my work as a business consultant. All the time I have to ensure that I explain clearly how everything will improve the bottom line, that every intervention will be good for business and help to make even more profit. So I tell them they should treat their employees fairly, reduce bullying, allow them some work-life balance, train them, motivate them etc., and it is only to help the bottom line. The effort will be worth it because it will increase profits. Whilst I understand that, in a very rational way, it does make me wonder whatever happened to doing good management because it was the right thing to do?
Can we not have a good working environment, train our staff, help them enjoy work etc., because it is right and ethical?
I think some organisations do that (including Crosslight), but sadly I feel it is only a few.

It seems to be an issue right across our society, it has become unfashionable even to discuss 'doing the right thing'. I may need to put my sociological hat on as well as my psychological one - so probably more later.
But it is something that worries me...

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