Month: July 2017

Guide to deploying objectives to staff departments

Objective setting is a vital part of appraising and managing employees. Both managers and subordinates should be aware of what the objectives are for the current period as well as be working on new draft objectives for the next period prior to discussing them during a future appraisal meeting – where objectives for the forthcoming period can be documented and agreed.

Contract template Services

I have loaded a simple contract template for consulting services – mostly clients will have a template already in hand from procurement. If you do not have anything you may find this one useful. It is pretty basic but contains the essential elements. I’ll post an affiliate version is there is any demand.

Hiring Consultants – an ebook on selecting and contracting consultants

This is one of the short chapters from an ebook published by BizFace – its subject is hiring consultants. In the ebook you will be taken through a step-by-step guide into identifying the need, deciding what consultant is best for the job and selcting a suitable candidate. Comes complete with templates for the contract, problem are definition as well as a consulting person spec and seclection record. The full ebook is to purchase on the BizFace world forum.